Miss Sopie has a story to tell

handmade art for everyday

The thread is the breath of the embroiderer. The label “Miss Sophie” unites textile design, art and poetry. The collection of clothing, home furnishings and dinnerware attracts by simple design and high quality material as the basis for an unusual dialogue between traditional craftsmanship and modern art. The collection is mainly kept in white and represents the blank sheet of paper on which the stories are written or lovingly hand-embroidered with red thread.

message on a dress

The red thread runs through the fabric, like Ariadne's thread through the labyrinth. Ariadne's thread is in the Greek mythology the rescue out of the labyrinth, the guarantee for survival and return. Miss Sophie's idiosyncratic images and language text is a poetic statement, which is worn on the second skin: clothing. The embroidery but also awaken memories in the rural and urban middle-class society of the 19th Century usual crafts, as elaborately embroidered drapery. Here the crafting  releases itself from any dogma of the subtle cultural domestication from grandmothers times. The stories of Miss Sophie do not longer take place in the reflection of an obtuse mirrow of modest, quiet work, they become a possibility of autobiographical memory traces close to the body. You could describe the combination of these polarizing styles as "White Gothic".

The fictional character Miss Sophie lives on her own planet from whereshe communicatesmysterious stories, embroidered on white fabric. There, people melt together with things to form surreal objects - the head of a girl becomes a bird house, love letters transform into crabs and cats have wings. Within these often cryptic stories, everything seems possible and much to deny his original determination. These story fragments leave it up to you to decide how the story started and how it will end.

traditional but different

The demonstrative use of female handicraft techniques is a medium which is particularly apparent in the use of contemporary art. It has  the fuction to show something and make it visible, to decorate, but also to protect against the disappearance of identity and individuality.

The handmade collection is a counterpoint in a time of rapidly changing trends and standardization routine and carries our thoughts to a past of another rank, but also to turn them simultaneously. Stability and sustainability to find their place in the special quality of the materials. We choose organic cotton for our t-shirt  and shopper collection and they are even climate neutral and fair trade. 

how to order

If the motif of your choice is not in stock, the pieces will be sewn or knitted after receipt of order and then individually embroidered by hand.

The selection of colors is reduced to white, red and black  fabric in satin-cotton or wool-cashmere quality, the color of the thread will be matched with the fabric.

The motifs for these tailor-made items are interchangeable (with a few exceptions) and are individually embroidered. Miss Sophie also offers to get your own poem or motif embroidered on any of the textiles for any special occasion like weddings, birthdays, etc.

If you decide on textiles from the collection of Miss Sophie, you have  to expect a delivery time of one to max. five weeks. The dinnerware collection can be faster delivered in accordance of availability.